International Mentoring Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education

Global Professional Mentoring with Strong Social Commitment


Imfahe is a non-profit foundation that was created after the need of building a bridge that connects past, present and future of the talent shaped in Spanish universities.


On one hand, students from Spanish universities need a series of guides that the university, often immersed in the academic endeavors, may not provide to each individual beyond their classrooms. However, many are the insecurities and doubts that students need to overcome to face with confidence the competitive professional world.

On the other hand, international mentors, through their experience, are an endless source of help to the new generations. Not only because mentors can advise students individually and confer them self-assurance, but also because mentors belong to a professional network totally new for the students, which will open their eyes to the wide world beyond Spain´s frontiers.In addition to their personal experience, mentors count on other valuable resources provided by Imfahe such as workshops, contact with other mentors, webinars, etc. The result is a constant learning on both sides that also reconnects the eloped talent with their mother country.


As a result, talent that one day left Spain seeking for professional opportunities, has finally the chance to look back and return to the Spanish university part of the debt acquired with their formation.

Imfahe has a compromise: to promote the education without boundaries and the creation of networks between Spain and other countries. We bet for the professional development at the international level and we believe that a country with excellent educated youth is a country with a promising future.