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Jorge Garcés Ferrer, PhD.

Prince of Asturias Distinguished Visiting Professor, Georgetown University, USA.

Dr. Jorge Garcés Ferrer is a Full Professor at the University of Valencia and Prince of Asturias Distinguished Visiting Professor at Georgetown University (Washington, DC, USA), and Director of Polibienestar Research Institute. He has also been a visiting professor at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), as well as a visiting researcher at the Universities of Washington, Oxford and Cambridge.

As a researcher, his work and contributions focus on Comparative Social Policy in Europe, with emphasis on aging and social innovation and development of  more efficient and effective long term care European policies.  He has been principal investigador and/or member of research teams in nearly 100 projects and research contracts with European, regional and local administrations. He has participated as an expert in the Commission of Social Policy of the Spanish Parliament and in different European Commission commitees.

He is author/ co-author of 25 books in Spanish, Valencian, German and English, over 100 scientific papers and has participated in almost 200 national and international conferences related to the design of public policies, management and assessment, especially in social policies. His work has been featured by publishers of international prestige such as Nova Publishers, Routledge, McGraw-Hill and Peter Lang.

In 2009 he was awarded a Doctorate Honoris Causa by the University of San Pedro in the Republic of Peru, and in 2013 Doctorate Honoris Causa by the University of Encarnación of Paraguay. In 2011, his hometown (Puçol) bestowed him the title of Favourite Son. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 he was nominated for the Research Prize Jaume I by the Generalitat Valenciana.