International Mentoring Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education

International Mentor Program - IMP

International emigrated talent returns as mentors for university students, promoting educational and economic development  of the country.

Our mission is to create a network of international talent, which will benefit mentors, students, universities and society in general.

In IMP we accomplish the following milestones:

  • Bilingual international mentoring to develop the proffesional career of university students through mentors affiliated with prestigious Universities such as Princeton, Harvard, MIT or Stanford.
  • Fellowships in the most prestigious institutions in USA/Europe to help university students improving their professional education.
  • Encouragement of co-mentoring of international PhDs between mentors and universities that participate in the program.
  • National and international visibility in the Annual IMP International Meeting.


A) University:

Are you interested in more information about our work and how we can help your University? Please, send an email to, subject ¨IMP-University-information¨.  

B) Mentor:

Are you a Spanish professional with international experience who lives abroad? Would you like to participate in IMP as a mentor or receive more information? Send your CV/Resume and a short summary of your interests and projects to, including in the email subject the specialty that fits you better: Biomedicine, Engineering, or Economics.

Are you a professional with international experience who lives abroad? Would you like to know if your country is included in our project? Send an email to, subjetc ¨IMP-mentor global¨.

C) Mentee:

Do you want to know if you can participate in the next IMP edition in Spain? If you belong to some of these universities, great! you will be able to sign up for the next edition of IMP at your University.

If you belong to other Spanish university and you would like to know if your university will participate in future editions of IMP, send an email, subject ¨IMP-mentee¨.


  • Improve the education, and professional training of graduate and undergraduate students from Spain.
  • Foster the internationalization of the Spanish universities.
  • Promote the mobility and international projection of the Spanish young talent, by providing new professional opportunities through expert mentorship, in real time.
  • Build up a solid network of professionals and collaborations between the USA, Spain, and Europe, to promote global exchange of ideas, people and innovation.
  • Improve scientific excellence and the innovative/entrepreneurial spirit of our students.


This current academic year 2016-2017, IMP-Biomedicine is providing face to face mentoring up to 58 students from 8 Spanish Universities.

Welcome to IMP- Economics and Business! We are looking forward for another exciting year where growth and stabilization of the previous year is the main goal and keep building this exchange of...

This current academic year 2016-2017, IMP-Engineering will provide personal mentoring to 75 students (graduates and undergraduates) from 8 Spanish Universities.