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IMP Biomedicine

Cofounder/Vice President, IMFAHE.
IMP Director. Codirector IMP-Biomedicine.

Codirector IMP-Biomedicine

Director IMP-Portugal

This current academic year 2018-2019, IMP-Biomedicine is providing face to face mentoring up to 110 students from 6 Spanish Universities (Universidad de Oviedo, Universidad de Valladolid, Universidad de La Laguna, Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad de Sevilla and Universidad de Málaga), and 3 Portuguese Universities (U. Aveiro, U. Algarve, and INL Braga).

We count with 34 mentors and coordinators in Spain and 18 mentors in Portugal; all of them MDs, PhDs o MD PhDs, with a broad and recognized international career, that are affiliated to the top universities, hospitals and research institutes of the world (Harvard University, Karolinska Institutet, Princeton University, Yale University or Dana Farber Cancer Institute). These mentors, are guiding the professional and academic career of undergraduate and graduate students through regular video conferences and email, helping them to build a curriculum of excellence, and propelling their career and professional success.

IMP-Biomedicine is also providing mentorship to an unlimited number of students through informative professional career sessions. In those sessions, students can learn about career options in biomedicine by the testimony from experts that have reach the zenith in their careers and also can learn how to successfully apply to excellence scholarships like Fulbright fellowships among others.

We are certain that the mentorship provided by the IMP-Biomedicine ´s mentors and career experts will prepare our students to a future full of professional possibilities.

Welcome and get the maximum of this experience!