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IMP Biomedicine 2015-2016

Cofounder/Vice President, IMFAHE.
IMP Director. Codirector IMP-Biomedicine.

Codirector IMP-Biomedicine

This current academic year 2015-2016, IMP-Biomedicine will provide face to face mentoring up to 72 students from 10 Spanish Universities (Universidad de Valencia,  Universidad de La Laguna, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes, Universidad de Oviedo, Universidad de Zaragoza, Universidad de la Rioja,  Universidad de Lleida, Universidad de Valladolid y Universidad Pública de Navarra).

We count on with 36 mentors, all of them MDs, PhDs o MD PhDs, with a broad and recognized international career, that are affiliated to the top universities, hospitals and research institutes of the world (Harvard University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Boston University, Johns Hopkins University, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Mount Sinai University, Salk Institute, Duke University, Medimmune, Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, University of North Carolina, Karolinska Institutet, etc…). Those 36 mentors, will provide professional guidelines to undergraduate and graduate students through regular video conferences, helping their mentees to build a curriculum of excellence, and propelling their career and professional success.

IMP-Biomedicine will also provide mentorship to an unlimited number of students through webinars of professional development where experts, that have reach the zenith in their careers will give insight, into the different career paths in biomedicine (academic career, industry/biotech, scientific outreach, science policy/diplomacy, consulting).

We are certain that the mentorship provided by the IMP-Biomedicine ´s mentors and career experts will prepare our students to a future full of professional possibilities.

If your university is involved in The Program, do not hesitate to REGISTER!



Mentors 2015-2016:

Fernando Alemán Guillén The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA
Tomás Aparicio Columbia University, NY, US 
Esther Baena Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, UK
Isabel Calvo Arnedo MGH/Harvard, MA, US
Amalia Capilla Boston Universiy, MA, US
Patricia CasbasPonce Health Sciences University, PR, US
Antoni Celiá-Terrasa Princeton University, Princeton, NJ,US 
Laura Contreras Ruiz Boston Universiy, MA, US
Carlos Cruchaga Washington University, Dep. of Psychiatry.
Laura  de Lorenzo University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, US
María José Dueñas Decamp UMASS Medical School, MA, US
Maria Cristina Espinosa Diez Oregon Health & Science University, OR, US 
Rosario Fernández Godino Harvard Medical School-MEEI, MA, US
Rosa Fernández Harvard University, MA, US
Itsaso Garcia-Arcos Mount Sinai, NY, US
Luisa Garcia-Haro Dana Faber Cancer Institute/Harvard, MA, US
Alfredo Giménez Cassina Karolinska Institutet, Suecia
Claudia Gigandet MGH/Harvard University, MA, US
Beatriz Gómez Pérez-Nievas Medimmune, UK   
Mari Àngels Juanes Ortiz Brandeis University , MA, US 
Sandra Jurado University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, US
David Lagares MGH/Harvard, MA, US
Alba Maiques Díaz Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute,UK
Maria del Pilar Martinez Viedma Menon International Inc., CA, US 
Irene Marcos-Rius University of California San Francisco, CA, US
Joan Montero Dana Faber Cancer Institute, MA, US
Jose Luis Olmos Serrano Boston Universiy, MA, US
Maitane Ortiz Virumbrales Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY, US
Jordina Rincón-Torroella Johns Hopkins University,Baltimore, MD, US
Laura Rodón Ahnert Salk Institute,La Jolla, CA, US
Nerea Sanvisens University of California, San Francisco, CA, US
Emma Teixeiro Pernas University of Missouri,Columbia, MO, US
Paula Tejera-Álvarez Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA
Santiago Vernia University of Massachusetts, Worcester, MA, US