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IMP Economics

Director IMP-Economics

Director IMP-Economics

Welcome to IMP- Economics and Business! We are looking forward for another exciting year where growth and stabilization of the previous year is the main goal and keep building this exchange of experience between countries and stages of live worth for everyone.

This year we will focus on developing mentoring techniques  with the best team we could count on with business, research and teaching professionals, that will provide a complete view and mentorship to different mentees coming from undergraduates, doctorates and master students. 

We firmly believe in the mentorship from the Economics and Business sector with the Spanish Professionals that due its expertise find themselves sharing its knowledge to the world from a foreign country.

In conclusion, IMP- Economics and Business is the program for those who want to develop their careers in research or business in an international environment, like no other, the most exportable asset is the shareable knowledge, so register and become a part of this community!