International Mentoring Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education

IMP Engineering 2015-2016

Director IMP-Engineering

Deputy Director IMP-Engineering

This current academic year 2015-2016, IMP-Engineering will provide personal mentoring to 53 students (graduates and undergraduates) from 6 Spanish Universities (Universidad de Valencia, Universidad de La Laguna, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad de Valladolid, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid y Universidad Politécnica de Valencia).

We count on with 27 mentors, with a broad and recognized international career, that are affiliated with the most prestigious universities, hospitals and research institutes (Harvard University, MIT, Princeton, Stanford University or Johns Hopkins University). These 27 mentors will contribute their personal experience, their first-hand knowledge of the academic/professional world and their specific training in advising to optimizing the professional career of their mentees through regular videoconferencing, frequent exchange of emails, sharing information on job, training or funding opportunities, and counseling when faced with decisions.

IMP-Engineering will also provide mentorship to an unlimited number of students through webinars of professional development where Spanish and international experts, that have reached the zenith of their careers will give advice and insights about several career paths in engineering (research, industry, start-ups, intellectual property, academia).

Students from the Universities of La Laguna, Autónoma de Madrid, Valladolid, and Carlos III de Madrid, may receive a summer scholarship (one scholarship will be given per University). The selected students will be able to stay several weeks in two of the world’s most prestigious universities (Harvard University and MIT).

We are certain that the mentorship provided by IMP-Engineering will prepare our students to a future full of professional possibilities. If your university is involved in IMP-Engineering, do not hesitate to REGISTER!



Mentors 2015-2016:

Andreu Badal Soler, Food and Drug Administration, USA
Judith Birkenfeld, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Jorge Cabello, Technische Universität München, Germany
Javier Carrera, Stanford University, USA
Carlos Castro-González, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Francisco Costela, SERI - Harvard Med. School, USA
Javier Estrada Díez, Harvard Med. School
Pol Ferrer, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
German González Serrano, Harvard Med. School, USA
Joaquin L. Herraiz, MIT/MGH – Harvard Med. School, USA
David Izquierdo-García, MGH – Harvard Med. School, USA
Enrique Lizarraga-García, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Berta Martí Fuster, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Juan Manuel Alvarez, Cambridge, USA
Luca Giancardo, MIT, USA
Shivang R. Dave, MIT, USA
Francisco Martín-Martínez, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Ricardo Martinez Garcia, Princeton University, USA
Daniel Navarro Gomez, MEEI - Harvard Med. School, USA
Carlos Riquelme, Stanford University, USA
Teresa Ruíz Herrero, Harvard Med. School, USA
Isaias Sidney Chocron, Southwest Research Institute, USA
Francisco López Jiménez, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Enrique Valera Cano, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Elena Herranz, MGH / Harvard Medical School, USA
Gonzalo Vegas– BWH / Harvard Medical School, USA
Santiago Mazuelas, Qualcomm, USA
Elena Rodriguez, Karolinska Institute, Sweden