International Mentoring Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education

Javier Sanz Fernandez

Director IMP-Economics

Javier Sanz Fernandez is a seasoned and accomplished financial executive with combined experience in both management consulting and regulatory implementation. Javier has served for several top tier global financial firms leading implementation and change management programs in connection with various aspects of a firm’s business model. Javier currently works for the global financial institution, Citigroup, as Head of Booking Model Strategic Communication is responsible for developing and executing the integrated communication and documentation strategy describing how the firm ensures that its booking model enables the execution of its business strategy in a manner that is both permissible and preferable. 

Javier is co-director of the Economics and Entrepreneurship discipline of IMFAHE’s mentoring program. Further to this, Javier is the lead coordinator of the Shark Tank Advisory Program, which is IMFAHE’s in-house program designed to assist winning mentees team of IMFAHE’s Shark Tank contest in taking their business ideas from paper to reality through dedicated mentoring and strategic guidance. 

In addition to his financial career, Javier has also developed his entrepreneurial skills acting a director of Finance and Corporate Relations to the start-up Sonido Clandestino established in the UK whose objective was to promote and foster Spanish music and culture within the country. During his tenure, he co-organized first tours for relevant Spanish music artists in Great Britain breaking new ground and paving the way for other national event managers. 

Javier holds a B.A in Business Administration with high honors (graduated in the top 1% of his graduating class) from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and also spent an academic year at the University of Helsinki focusing his studies in Economics. Javier is a Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) Financial Risk Management (FRM) holder and also Investment Management Certificate (IMC) holder. Further, he is currently taking a Master’s degree in Applied Business Analytics.