International Mentoring Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education

Zafira Castaño Corsino, PhD.

Cofounder/President, IMFAHE.
Director, IMP.

Dr. Zafira Castano-Corsino is an Immuno-oncologist working as a Senior Scientist at Rubius Therapeutics (Boston, USA), trained at Harvard University, interested in novel immunotherapeutic approaches, and very enthusiastic about global collaborations. Zafira Castano is the President and co-founder of the International Mentorship Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education (IMFAHE, Boston, USA). IMFAHE is a non-profit that reverses brain drain, catalyzes global multidisciplinary collaborations among scientists and entrepreneurs located in 5 continents of the world, and bridges emigrated talent, universities, local governments and companies with opportunities.  

She is the author and/or co-author of 14 scientific publications in high impact factor journals such as "Nature Biotechnology" or "Cancer Discovery", co-inventor of a low cost tool that allows the identification of activated immune cells responsible for metastasis outgrowth (BWH No.21719), reviewer from several journals/international grants/international PhDs, and former lecturer at Harvard Medical School. 

She has been involved in improving resources, policies, training and mentoring at the BWH/Harvard community. In recognition of her dedication, Dr. Castano received the “Postdoctoral Research Fellow Leadership Award” at BWH/Harvard Medical School in 2014, the “BWH Mentoring Award” in 2015 and the "Program Award for Culture of Excellence in Mentoring" in 2016 by Harvard Medical School.