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IMFAHE´s Nodal Award, Special ¨Shark Tank¨

A key goal of IMFAHE is to encourage and support the development of scientific and entrepreneur collaborations among national and international institutions and persons that promote breakthrough basic science, new translational research, job creation as well as projects with social impact. 

To advance this goal, IMFAHE has created a unique platform of talent that connects professionals and students from 5 different continents in the world catalyzing mentorship relationships. IMFAHE has created as well, in collaboration with Spanish Universities, 43 Excellent Fellowships (up to date, 50% hosted by Harvard University and MIT) and now is launching for the first time in Spain a pilot project that is designed to enhance or create new inter-programmatic “nodal point” interactions between members from the International Mentor Program (students affiliated to 11 Spanish universities and Spanish professionals affiliated to international institutions like Google, Harvard or Princeton). Collaborations between discipline-based programs (biomedicine-engineering-economics/entrepreneurship) are encouraged. 

The Project and Ideas were exposed as a “Shark Tank-Type Contest” during the Innovation Camp at University of Valladolid the past July 2nd, 2018.
Mentors and mentees work together to develop international projects. Among 5 proposals, the following ones have received a seed grant:

  • DEMVIR (3,000$): Goal: to create virtual reality goggles to help early detection and monitoring of Alzheimer´s disease. Participants: 2 mentees (UMA and ULL) and 1 mentor (MIT).
  • ISOWORK (2,000$): Goal: to design a gadget that optimizes the follow up and immediate feedback upon exercising for people with motor-muscle associated problems. Participants: 1 mentee from UEMC, 1 mentees from ULL, and 1 mentor from Aspire Academy Sports Medicine de Qatar.
  • HEALTHY HOMES ($2,000): Goal: to design new air-purification systems for smart buildings. Participants: 3 mentees (UVA, UMA, and UPV) and 1 mentor (MIT).
  • ClinicAppChain ($1,000): Based on the AppChain technology, the goal is to create a system to transfer clinical files between (inter)national institutions confidentially. Participants: 2 mentees from UMA, 2 mentees from ULL, 1 mentor from Harvard Kennedy School, 2 mentors of University Autónoma of Mexico. 

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Resolution IMFAHE Shark Tank Nodal Award edition 2019. La Laguna, Tenerife March 19th 2019

Winners of the IMFAHE´s Nodal Award 2019. V Innovation Camp. La Laguna, Spain. March 2019.

Shark Tank Advisory Program

IMFAHE’s Shark Tank Advisory Program represents IMFAHE’s in-house program designed to assist winning mentees team of IMFAHE’s Shark Tank contest in taking their business ideas from paper to reality through dedicated mentoring and strategic guidance.

The program is offered to winning teams that receive a seed grant who are not at the ideation stage but have an excellent business idea without an implementation plan, technology, or prototype. 

The type of help and support that winning teams receive comprise of the following:

  • Help refine and validate their business idea by utilizing innovative frameworks such as business model canvas
  • Help determine the value proposition of their business idea for potential customers or investors
  • Assist in defining the necessary steps to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or prototype
  • Understand relevant aspects connected to the setup of their business as a start-up from a logistical, organizational and legal perspective
  • Support in identifying other applicable business competitions or incubator programs for which to apply to secure additional funding

The program is coordinated by Javier Sanz Fernandez, co-director of IMP’s Economics and Entrepreneurship.