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International Mentoring Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education.

International Mentor Program

IMP is an innovative project pioneer in the world, which allows for the first time returning the emigrated talent to its original country in an intelectual way. International emigrated talent returns as mentors for university students, promoting educational and economic development  of the country.

IMFAHE Connects

IMFAHE Connects is an interactive social network, which contains all the information regarding mentoring programs, events, webinars and news.

IMFAHE Recruiting

Imfahe promotes the employability of national and international talent, connecting companies that offer qualified jobs with talent educated in our IMP program.

Science and Rigor

10 hours quarter course designed to undergraduate and graduate students that are interested in exploring current topics related to responsible conduct in research. 

Science 2.0

Project designed to bring unpublished innovative technologies and concepts in real time, and catalyze collaborations between the international professionals and national partnered institutions in our platform.

IMFAHE Visibility

IMFAHE is building a platform that gives international visibility to its partners. Through invited national and international conferences, IMFAHE presents this collaborative and unique project to the world, and brings information from its partners.

IMFAHE Workshops

4 hours of workshops designed to undergraduate and graduate students and professionals, that are interested into advance their career path efficiently and be unique. Leading and cutting edge workshops about international networks, personal statements, linkedln profiles or how to attract funding to their home country through international collaborations give an advantage to our collaborators to succeed in their career path.

IMFAHE Seminars

11 hours of seminars designed to undergraduate and graduate students that are interested in exploring different career paths succeeding abroad. Leading and cutting edge career paths in biomedicine, engineering and economics are explored in-depth using interviews of professionals in medium and senior positions. Seminars consist of a short interview (aprox. 30 minutes) explaining how is their day by day, pros and cons of their job, and how they achieved those positions.  

IMFAHE Conferences

At the end of every calendar year, IMFAHE Foundation in collaboration with its partners, organizes an International Innovation Camp. The aim of the international conferences is to create an international ecosystem to boost national and international professional collaborations and present ideas to solve important biomedical, technologic and economy problems form a multidisciplinary point of view.

IMFAHE Fellowships

One of our key goals is to encourage and support the professional development of scientists and entrepreneurs in top 10 international institutions. 
To advance this goal, IMFAHE has created 1) a unique platform of talent that connects professionals and students from 5 different continents in the world catalyzing mentorship relationships (link a IMP), and has created in collaboration with Spanish Universities and Fomento San Sebastian, 43 Excellent Fellowships (up to date, almost 50% of them are hosted by Harvard University and MIT).

IMFAHE Grants & Awards

Grants Funding collaborative projects: IMFAHE´s Nodal Award, Special ¨Shark Tank¨
A key goal of the International Mentoring Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education (IMFAHE) is to encourage and support the development of scientific and entrepreneur collaborations among national and international institutions and persons that promote breakthrough basic science, new translational research, job creation as well as projects with social impact. 

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Social Impact

from 2014 to 2017

Recovery of economic resources invested in human capital/higher education at the level of current students at Spanish Universities as well as previously emigrated talent. We return talent and knowledge to their country of origin. 






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