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We help the members of our community to develop professional, international, and multicultural skills without leaving their country. Become a part of our network!

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Fernando Alemán Guillén

“Thanks to IMFAHE, I have reconnected with the European educational system.” – Fernando Alemán Guillén, iTalent, CSO at Navega Therapeutics, San Diego, CA (USA)

Vicent Asensio Molina

“IMFAHE allowed me to expand my international network by meeting exceptionally professionals. Furthermore, I have developed my professional skills and prepared for recruiting processes with my mentor’s help. I am really glad for being part of this amazing mentoring program.” – Vicent Asensio Molina, Student-Mentee IMP- Engineering, Universitat Politècnica of Valencia (Spain)

Qiaoyu Ma

“Being part of IMFAHE is a unique experience. Through the stories of other talents over the world, I see passion, constancy, devotion and infinite possibilities. I am inspired and motivated by them, especially my mentor who has helped a lot on improving my soft skills.” – Qiaoyu Ma, Student IMP-Engineering, University of Sevilla (Spain)

Discover IMFAHE Connects

IMFAHE Connects is an interactive social network used to share information about mentoring programs, events, jobs, webinars, news and more. Over 300 members from around the world join our platform every year.

Our members work at top institutions worldwide and specialize in the fields of biomedicine, engineering, entrepreneurship, economics, and behavioral science.

Each October, our partnered universities put out a public call to recruit the next generation of IMFAHE members. Only selected students and professors can be a part of our platform of talent.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the IMFAHE network of talent and your university is not an affiliated member, we encourage you to talk to the Vice-Rector of International Affairs or Vice-Rector of Innovation and recommend this initiative to your university.

Members of IMFAHE Connects, including both students and professors, are affiliated with one or more of our partnered universities. To become a member as an international professional working outside of your home country, you must meet the following criteria:

  • work in the fields of biomedicine, engineering, entrepreneurship, economics, or behavioral science
  • able to work abroad, outside of your home country
  • willing to mentor students for one year