Get Personalized International Mentorship

Stand out in your career with the help of international mentors working at outstanding institutions such as Google, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, or Karolinska Institute just to name a few. Here is what some of our university vice chancellors, mentors and mentees have to say:

Carmen Vargas Macías

“I would like that all the students form my University could participate in the Program… IMP allows them to gain self-esteem, personal skills and helps them to face the outside world, that inevitably and fortunately, awaits them.”- Carmen Vargas Macías, Pro-Rector of Internationalization, University of Sevilla (Spain)

Chari Fernández Godino

“One day their achievements will be on the newspaper’s headlines and I will proudly think: I was their mentor.” – Chari Fernández Godino, iTalent-Mentor IMP-Biomedicina, Mass Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA, USA)

Eugenia Fraile Bethencourt

“IMP has motivated and encouraged me to grow professional and personally. My mentor has been a role model, someone who I admire and who inspires me. Honestly, one of the best experiences during my formation.” – Eugenia Fraile Bethencourt, Student-Mentee IMP-Biomedicine, University of Valladolid (Spain)

Join the International Mentor Program (IMP)

Every year, over 100 students (in the last year of their bachelors, masters or PhD studies) from our partnered universities become mentees in the IMP. For one academic year, mentees are matched with 1 international mentor (professional inside or outside of academia, working at top organizations outside of the mentee’s country).

Through online meetings, the mentee and mentor meet and set monthly goals to advance the professional development of the mentee based on the knowledge and international experience of the mentor. Our members work in the fields of biomedicine, engineering, entrepreneurship, economics, and behavioral science.

To become a mentee as a student, you must be affiliated with one of our partnered universities (learn more about our partnered universities by clicking here). Each October, our partnered universities put out a public call to recruit the next generation of IMFAHE members. Only selected students can be a part of IMP.

If you are interested in becoming a part of IMP and your university is not an affiliated member, we encourage you to talk to the Vice-Rector of International Affairs or Vice-Rector of Innovation and recommend this initiative to your university.

To become a member of IMFAHE Connects as a mentor (international professional working abroad of your country), you need to meet these criteria: a) work outside of your home country; b) work in the fields of biomedicine, engineering, entrepreneurship, economics, or behavioral science; and c) commit to mentor an assigned student for one year (at least 5 meetings through videoconferences and regular e-mail).

As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to participate in other programs that will impact your professional development and increase your international network, like IMFAHE Connects, Peer Mentoring Circle Program, or the Shark Tank global idea competition. The English language is used in our mentorship program.