Be Trained Abroad, Open Your Mind

We support your professional development by funding Fellowships, in collaboration with our partners and donors, to do short-term internships at top-10 institutions worldwide such as Harvard and MIT.

Every year, IMFAHE launches International Fellowships in collaboration with our partnered institutions.

These fellowships help the awardees to learn about different cultural values, improve their communication skills in English, expand their professional network, internationalize their curriculum, and improve their transferable skills.

More than 30% of the students who have received these fellowships in the past have been hosted by Harvard University and MIT.

Women are underrepresented in important fields such as Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) & Entrepreneurship. In order to promote STEM vocations, gender equality, professional opportunities of excellence, and career success for women, every year IMFAHE launches 1 fellowship for “Women in STEM & Entrepreneurship”.

Some of our IMFAHE Fellowship Winners

Laura Cascone – Harvard University

Sara Uzquiano – MIT

Alicia González Martínez

“Several women have inspired me through my career path, and I would love to inspire other women in the future”. Alicia González Martínez, Awardee IMFAHE Women in STEM Fellowship 2020. Internship at Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA)

Yolanda Larriba

“Science fascinated me since I was a child. I still remember my first Cell Biology lesson at school where I imagined cells orchestrating all biological processes -everything makes sense, I thought”. Yolanda Larriba Awardee IMFAHE Women in STEM Fellowship 2019. Internship at Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA)

Génesis Palacios – University of Texas

Maria Isabel Fariña – Trinity College