How to Collaborate With Us

Whether you think that you can go a step above by providing new resources to your institution or you want to connect with professional around the world, there is room for everybody.


I am a part of an organization:

If you want to bring innovation, internationalization and global education to your organization, you can do this by using the novel and effective methodologies provided by IMFAHE.

I am a student or professor:

If you want to accelerate your career by being a part of IMFAHE’s Platform of Talent, you must belong to a partnered university. We collaborate directly with Vice Chancellors or Directors of universities. We encourage you to contact a representative at your university. To become a member, your university needs to be an IMFAHE partner.

I want to become a mentor:

If you qualify as a mentor, you will get access to a global network, unique mentorship, and professional development opportunities. You will also get the satisfaction of helping the next generation to succeed in their careers.

IMFAHE accepts professionals in the fields of Biomedicine, Engineering, Economics, Entrepreneurship, and behavioral sciences as mentors.

How can we help?