We are the global career accelerator platform

IMFAHE is a global educational platform where top talent from universities and companies come together to accelerate their careers and be innovative.

Our Goal is Your Success


Our ultimate goal is to develop the full potential of talented individuals from all over the world so that their work and ideas can improve society.


Our mission is to facilitate connections among the most talented people in the world and provide them with a global career accelerator experience to empower them to change the world with their work and ideas.

Leading Universities and Organizations that are Implementing IMFAHE Programs

Students and professors from our partnered universities and highly qualified professionals working worldwide are encouraged to participate in our annual academic programs.

Opportunities for Growth

By joining our international network, you are eligible to participate in our programs, which promote internationalization, innovation, and global education.

How can IMFAHE help you to advance your career in exciting new ways?


Be ready to take part in a unique international experience that starts in your home.


Become an entrepreneur and help to make the world better.

Global Education

Broaden your mind and stand out in your career with our practical international master classes.

International Mentoring Foundation For The Advancement Of Higher Education.

IMFAHE is a Non-Profit organization.